Digital marketing, content writing and SEO

Digital marketing, SEO and content marketingHow can I help?

I work with small businesses and individuals to put together an action plan that markets their brand over a set period of time. This might be as simple as creating social media channels and advising on how best to use these to best effect.

Alternatively you might want to put together a full year of planning. This might include content writing, search engine optimisation, email marketing and social media. You may also require help with press releases and regular newsletters and newsletter templates.

What is digital marketing?

It’s getting increasingly hard to separate digital marketing and offline direct marketing. Without one, the other will never be quite up to scratch. If you have an amazing product that can revolutionise, how do people even know such a product exists? You’ll need to let them know.

You’ll want to do this with both offline and online advertising. Social media offers multiple different ways to spread the word. Database and email marketing and regular newsletters are also a great way of retaining customers, and convincing new customers to try your product or service.

Digital Marketing is ever evolving, but with common sense can be a useful and cost effective tool.

Content writing, search engine optimisation and the ability to get yourself heard by the right audience over different types of digital media are a necessity.

Press Releases, both online and in print, help to boost your brand trust. Having a clear business plan allows you to make ready all necessary marketing collateral for a considerable period in the future. Specific tools also allow you to keep on top of current newsworthy stories. These may help you promote your own products or services.

What about content?

Content writing is perhaps the most important tool in your arsenal. I have written articles on this topic alone. Without good content your potential customers won’t know what it is your company does, why it does it, and how it does it well.

If you tell your story in a unique an enlightening way, you will shine beyond those selling similar products. A good example of this is John Lewis and their Christmas adverts. It’s now a much anticipated event. Similarly if I type the word ‘Sergie’ or ‘Meerkat’ you will know who I’m talking about without mentioning the brand.

Shall we work together?

So let’s sit down, put a plan together, and make your brand the best it possibly can be.

Would you like to discuss your marketing requirements? Get in touch and let’s get your voice heard.

You can see samples of my Digital Marketing work here.