Graphic design, print design and branding

Graphic design, print design and branding

Why do I need a graphic designer?

Graphic design covers a number of different areas of design, including online and print. In reality it’s not graphic design you should be thinking about but your brand.

How do you want your brand to look? How do you want to convey yourself? Much like you dress in a particular way to show people you are a particular type of person, your brand design will do the same.

Elegant, minimalistic, smart, youthful… all terms that can be used to describe your brand, which will dramatically affect how people will see you. By having a style and design put together that fits perfectly with you and your brand you will attract the right kind of audience, and customers.

How it can go right… or wrong

Google has adjusted their logo a lot over the years, often a little at a time. Their most recent version is a flat logo, still instantly recognisable, and in harmony with their branding.

Remember Gap though? They redesigned their logo, launched it, and it was so disliked that they reverted to their old design. A logo that doesn’t capture your voice can be just as devastating to a brand as a great logo is at helping a brand become a success.

How can I help?

It might be as simple as designing a logo to give your brand a ‘face.’ Or perhaps you require some business cards to spread the word about your great service or product.

Headed paper, postcards, posters, roadside banners, adverts for online and print publications or leaflets are all great marketing tools that I can provide your company with. All will help make sure you are selling your brand in just the right way.

By creating a voice and style that is unique, you can help make sure your brand is cohesive, concise and easily recognisable. Great for returning customers, or to draw new customers in. Let’s sit down and give your brand the face, clothing and voice it deserves, and then your brand can flourish and become the centre of attention, just as it should! I work with printers local to your area so you will receive your branding and marketing collateral swiftly.

Get in touch and we can start the process…

You can see samples of my Graphic Design work here.