Working with national, local and even international media, I am able to get your company in publications both offline and online, and on social media. PR, marketing and advertising fall under the same umbrella and are all integral to getting your message across to the right people.

In fact, whilst many think that PR is filling journalist inboxes, online PR is incredibly important, and includes search engine optimisation, pay per click, blogs and of course social media networks.

Online coverage helps to boost your current SEO rankings, and allows you to appear higher in Google, meaning you’ll get even more visitors to your site, and with the right marketing campaign and website, this will convert, whether you are selling a product or a service.

By writing compelling copy and nailing your content marketing, and letting the right people know about how great you are, you’ll be on people’s minds in no time.



It’s getting increasingly hard to separate digital marketing and offline direct marketing. Without one, the other will never quite be up to scratch. If you have an amazing product that can revolutionise, how do people even know such a product exists? You’ll need to let them know.

You’ll want to do this with both offline and online advertising, and of course, with social media there are multiple different ways to spread the word. Database and email marketing and newsletters are also a great way of retaining customers, and convincing new customers to try your product or service.

Digital marketing is ever evolving, but with common sense, great content writing , strong Search Engine Optimisation and the ability to get your word out over different digital formats, it can be an extremely useful and cost effective tool.


Having a fully functional and user friendly website is a must for both online and offline businesses, and allowing customers a great visitor experience means you’ve won half the battle in either retaining an existing customer, or finding new customers to engage with. If an e-commerce site is required, then you need to make sure your website is secure and easy to navigate. By having compelling and complete SEO and content marketing on top of this, you will attract the right customers and offer an enjoyable experience.

Trained in CSS, HTML and wordpress e-commerce websites, as well as an eye for graphic design and website design, your site will be the perfect all-round face of, and marketing tool for, your company.


Graphic Design is a must if you intend to have cohesive and complete branding for either your service or product. Along with online or offline advertising and marketing collateral such as pens, postcards or leaflets. By creating great designs and brands and working with local printers, you will receive your branding and marketing collateral swiftly.