Web Design and content management

Web Design and content management

Why do I need a website?

Having a fully functional and user friendly website is a must for both online and offline businesses.

By giving customers a web design that offers a great visitor experience means you’ve won half the battle. Getting it right means you will either retain an existing customer, or find new customers to engage with.

If an e-commerce site is required, then you need to make sure your website is secure and easy to navigate. By having compelling content and sound SEO, you will attract the right customers and offer an enjoyable and profitable experience.

How can I help with your web design?

Trained in CSS, HTML and PHP I design websites using the WordPress framework.

WordPress is a diverse content management system and great for both small sites for individuals or larger e-commerce websites. Even the biggest of technophobes will have no problems learning how to update a page, create a post or upload media.

By choosing a theme that fits with your brand you will be able to show your products or services just the way you hoped. WordPress offers numerous plugins that can help make your site function just the way you want. This might be specific delivery wishes, a way of displaying products, or a particular way of showing your clients your fantastic images.

By incorporating your logo and graphic design into your website, you will have an online presence that is unique to you, and in keeping with your brand. The perfect marketing tool.

Is a website all I need?

Whilst many think that PR is just the filling of journalist inboxes, online PR is incredibly important. Under this umbrella, search engine optimisation, pay per click, blogs and social media networks are all tools that will help your site get noticed.

Online coverage will help to boost your current SEO rankings and you will appear higher in Google. This means you will get even more visitors to your site. With the right marketing campaign and your well designed, coded and speedy website this will convert to leads, whether you are selling a product or a service.

Lastly, by writing compelling copy and nailing your content marketing, you will be letting the right people know about how great you are. You’ll be on people’s minds in no time.

Do you want to update your web design, or design a brand new website? Get in touch.

You can see samples of my Web Design work here.