Web hosting

Who do I recommend for web hosting?

I recommend that all my clients use Vidahost for their web hosting.

Usually the starter package is the best choice, and you can buy three years for the price of two at £58 (£69.60 including VAT) and you’ll get a free domain name. For those who already have a website, they have a great migration service which means there is a seamless switch from their previous domain and hosting companies, which I can action.

I prefer my clients to purchase the packages themselves, which means that any billing emails and details can be updated and paid directly. This gives the client total control of the administration of their website, and there are no hidden costs.

To sign up for vidahost hosting, please visit this webpage.

Keep your website safe

Even if you don’t have an e-commerce site, I recommend an SSL certificate. This helps with your ranking on search engines, and also offers your website visitors peace of mind.

Vidahost offers an SSL certificate, and I am able to give you a discount code.

To receive 20% off of an SSL certificate, please use the code LRM20 on the SSL page at Vidahost.